Rainout: Getting operating room humidity under control (Health Facilities Management Magazine, September 2007 Issue)

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MOLD: Design or Operations Issue (Engineered Systems Magazine, July 2008 Issue)

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Preventing Mold in Hospitals
(The Air Conditioning/
Heating/ Refrigeration NEWS, November 3, 2008 Issue)

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  Training Services


Nunnelly & Associates, Inc. develops and conducts seminars, workshops, and training classes with an emphasis on absolute humidity control. Typical training courses involve design concerns of a building’s HVAC system, the operating and maintenance concerns, equipment types and technologies available, proper application of these technologies and understanding psychrometrics.

Classes are customized for the needs and goals of each specific client. Typical clients are: Engineering and Architectural firms, General and Mechanical Contractors, Facility Managers and Owners, both Corporations and Individuals, Professional Associations and Organizations, both Domestic and International.

A small listing of past courses include:

Humidity Control in the Operating Room

Designing for Absolute Moisture Control

Humidity control in Commercial Buildings

MOLD: A Design Issue or an Operations Issue?

Understanding the Basics of Psychrometrics

Desiccant Dehumidification … When and Where to Apply

Psychrometrics, Dehumidification Equipment and Their Applications

A Designer’s Introduction to Commercial Desiccant Systems

Other training seminars and/or courses can be developed in accordance with the specific needs of each client.


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