Engineering & Consulting Services


Nunnelly & Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of engineering and consulting services, domestically and internationally. Many of these services pertain to issues related to humidity control. Others relate to improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and/or the auditing and optimization of energy management.

Among the company’s clients are owners and operators of facilities such as: Hospital Surgical Suites, Federal Government Office Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Libraries and Archival Storage Facilities, Cold Storage Warehouses, Food Processing Plants and Cleanrooms.

Typical services include the following:

Collaboration with building owners to develop basic or specific humidity control parameters and/or HVAC systems for commercial and institutional buildings, as well as for industrial processes.

Performance testing of installed HVAC systems.

Investigation and evaluation of a facility’s existing HVAC system for humidity control capability.

Auditing of a facility’s HVAC system and energy consumption history in an effort to optimize energy consumption.

Psychrometric analyses for project HVAC system designs.


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