Building Commissioning (Cx) Services


Today’s buildings are designed, constructed and operated, more than ever before, with an eye on building sustainability and improved indoor air quality for its occupants. The building envelopes must have integrity and the HVAC systems, the heart and lungs of the building, must be energy efficient, provide the necessary comfort and air quality, and be designed, installed, operated and maintained properly.

Nunnelly & Associates, Inc., with its team of industry professionals, will facilitate and ensure that the required coordination, testing, verification and communication will result in a building and its HVAC system that will perform as specified and intended.

Commissioning (Cx) is an intentional and proactive process approach to reviewing the design, verifying the installation, testing the systems’ performance, coordinating the O&M training activities. The Cx process will provide the building owner with a detailed documentation of the entire construction and start-up process.

Whether engaging Nunnelly & Associates, Inc. into the process in the pre-design stage (i.e., Comprehensive Commissioning) or during the construction phase (i.e., Construction Commissioning), or possibly to commission your existing facilities (i.e., retro-commissioning), we are here to serve your needs in this quality assurance process.

Call Nunnelly & Associates, Inc. today to discuss how our professional services can positively impact your building’s construction process, its energy efficiency and its Indoor Environmental Quality.

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